Blog / Illuminating Success: Branded Pixel Tubes Shine at the Mobile News Awards 2024

Illuminating Success: Branded Pixel Tubes Shine at the Mobile News Awards 2024

Lighting the Way to Excellence

Branded Pixel Tubes at the Mobile News Awards 2024

Lighting the Way to Excellence: A Glowing Success Story in Branding Innovation

Lighting Success

The Mobile News Awards 2024 was a dazzling event, where innovation and excellence in the mobile industry were celebrated in style. Among the highlights of the night were the stunningly branded Pixel Tubes, lighting up the tables with their distinctive glow. Red Blaze Events, the orchestrators behind the scenes. Entrusted us with the task of adding our unique touch to these tubes, and we rose to the occasion with creativity and precision.


At the heart of the Mobile News Awards 2024 was the meticulous planning and execution by Red Blaze Events. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for solving challenges, Red Blaze leveraged their skills, experience, and tenacity to ensure the success of the event. Their holistic approach, focusing on areas such as Performance Improvement, Incentives, Motivation, and Communication, laid the foundation for a seamless and unforgettable evening.


As the chosen lighting partner for the event, we at Table Art were honored to collaborate with Red Blaze Events to bring their vision to life. Our branded Pixel Tubes became the talk of the town, thanks to our innovative use of in-house technology. With the aid of our state-of-the-art latex printer, we meticulously adorned each tube with the iconic Mobile News Awards Logo, using clear vinyl to ensure maximum visibility and impact.


Investing in our new printer in February marked a significant milestone for us at Table Art. With the addition of this cutting-edge technology, we established a dedicated printing area equipped with both a latex printer and cutter, enabling us to streamline our operations and enhance our capabilities. Bringing all our printing needs in-house has revolutionized our workflow, allowing us to respond swiftly to client demands. Now, we have the flexibility to create sample branded centerpieces at a moment’s notice, accelerating the approval process and securing bookings promptly. This strategic decision not only boosts efficiency but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Thus, demonstrating to clients how effortlessly their centerpieces can be branded. We showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional results and consistently exceed expectations. Ultimately bolstering client satisfaction and loyalty.


The success of any project lies in thorough preparation, and we were fortunate to have ample time to perfect our craft. Thanks to Red Blaze Events‘ foresight in booking well in advance, we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our new printer and fine-tune our processes. Leveraging both printing and cutting capabilities, we efficiently produced over 130 stickers in record time.

A project of this magnitude requires teamwork and collaboration. After the stickers were meticulously crafted, Moz, our skilled technician, took charge of the assembly process. With precision and care, he affixed two stickers per tube, ensuring flawless branding from end to end. The result? Brilliantly branded beauties that captivated the attention of every guest at the Mobile News Awards.


A Night to Remember. Held at the prestigious Hilton Park Lane London. Amidst the elegant ambiance, Likewize and Mazuma Mobile emerged as double winners, adding to the electrifying atmosphere of the evening. Hosted by the charismatic Hal Cruttenden. The ceremony witnessed the presentation of 21 trophies to industry leaders and innovators. All against the backdrop of our radiant Pixel Tubes.

The Mobile News Awards 2024 was not just a celebration of achievements. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. From meticulous preparation to flawless execution. Every step of the journey exemplified our commitment to excellence. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and setting new standards of brilliance in the mobile industry.

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In conclusion, our partnership with Red Blaze Events at the Mobile News Awards 2024 exemplifies the power. Power of collaboration, innovation, and forward-thinking. From the meticulous branding of our Pixel Tubes to the strategic investment in our printing capabilities. Every aspect of our journey reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. As we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and technology, we look forward to illuminating future events with our signature brilliance. With Red Blaze Events by our side and our dedication to delivering unparalleled results. The possibilities are endless. Together, we will continue to shine bright and leave a lasting impression on the events industry and beyond.

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