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Blossoming Events | Blossom Centrepieces by Table Art

Blossoming Events | Floral Centrepieces by Table Art

As the nights draw in, brighten up the darkening nights with a flurry of romantic blossom.

With a pumpkin spiced latte in hand, Autumn is well and truly here. Summer went by in the blink of an eye so why not look to extend it? Ignore the changing seasons and bring summer vibes to your next event with our Blossom Collection. We have an unrivaled range of floral inspired centrepieces; they are perfect for the planner looking to bring midsummer magic to their event.   

Here in this blog, we feature two events by our Scottish Partners, Blue Parrot Events. The Insurance and Actuarial Society of Glasgow annual dinner and the Scottish Green Energy Awards both chose a blossom motif and the pictures from these events are not to be missed. We love showcasing our franchises, showing the skills and talents of our team from across the globe.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

Enchanting Florals

Floral centrepieces aren’t going anywhere, they are a dependable choice for many an event planner. However, with events becoming more conscious of their environmental impact. As a result, the artificial floral displays are growing in popularity. For those looking to make an environmentally conscious choice with their centre pieces, then look no further. All our designs are made here in the UK and are used repeatedly. In contrast, a floral arrangement has quite an environmental footprint. From the impacts of growing, importing and the single use nature of them -they draw a lot of resources.

Table Art has a huge range of Floral inspired centres, all of which are hyper realistic imitations of the real thing. The Blossom collection has a huge variety of styles. From the Tall Blossom Vase with its weeping willow style branches to the low-level Efflorescence vase, with its modern silhouette. The beauty of the Blossom is how well they can be illuminated.  The pale petals are the perfect base for vivid colour washes.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

The Blossom Vase with Ivy Detailing

The popular Blossom Vase with a twist of ivy. A classic fluted vase with trailing ivy, drawing the eye up to a cascading Blossom display. An organic look table centre that marries classic design with modern technology.  

This has proven to be the most popular of our Blossom variations. It’s little wonder, with its impressive stature – it makes an impact as soon as guests step into the room. The tumbling blossom branches give a sumptuous and decadent look.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

The Blossom Martini

Thanks to the new James Bond film, we are channeling the Bond excitement this week with a look at the Martini Glass. Although this time, with a distinctly un-Bond like addition, the Blossom. A feminine and stylish detail to the Martini glass. It’s a new take on a classic, a feminine touch to the traditionally sleek and masculine Martini.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

Events in Focus:

This blog features two stand out events by Table Art Scotland. It is always a pleasure presenting events from the Scottish team, they take a unique and creative approach to every event. They are masters of event photography, and their images never fail to wow. So, it will come as no surprise that we are no focusing on these events featuring the Blossom designs.

It takes a few months for our photos to filter in from our franchises and so we are looking into the archives. Here, we look at two events from 2019:

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

Insurance and Actuarial Society of Glasgow | Annual Dinner 2019

A fabulous annual dinner that was a vision in fuchsia. The event refreshing tone for a corporate dinner. Having chosen our Martini Glass with a blossom arrangement, the room had a soft and dreamy feel.  The Martini Glass is an imposing choice, standing at 70cm tall it adds height to the tables. The height works practically as it keeps sight lines open. Yet, it also has aesthetic benefits, making the displays unmissable across a room.

The client chose to uplight the Martini in a turquoise tone. This worked beautifully in contrast to the backdrop of the room which had washed walls in magenta tones. Our blossom petals are a delicate pink so when you uplight the centrepiece, they are washed in the chosen colour. As a result, it allows the guest to set the centrepiece to any colour without fear of clashing with the petal colour.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2019

Annual awards show for Scottish Green Energy. As their company is all about renewable green energy, it was obvious that the Scottish Team had to propose designs that had a natural feel. The Blossom Vase was at the forefront of their scheme, opting to add Ivy detailing, trailing up the length of the vase. This extra bit of detailing wilds up the overall style.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

Alongside the Blossom Centrepiece was a range of props and furniture to match the theme. Blue Parrot Events installed a living wall with artificial grasses and foliage, a fabulous backdrop to the arrival photos. In the drink’s reception, the theme was solidified with branded poseurs and turf covered seating. They also set up their fantastic star lit dance floor to get guests grooving at the end of the awards. The overall look was striking and cohesive.

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

Be Bold, Be Different

Don’t let the arrival of Autumn put you off throwing a Summer inspired soiree. Thanks to the artificial floral’s used across our range, every day is Summer here at Table Art. No worrying of wilting petals or drooping foliage, the artificial arrangements look as fresh as the day they were crafted. It also has the added benefit of easing environmental concerns. With each centrepiece used repeatedly for events, Table Art don’t produce anything that is ‘single use’.

Thanks to the guys at Blue Parrot Events, they have showcased our Blossom collection across two fabulous events. We could ask for no better advert for the range. Special thanks to The Insurance and Actuarial Society of Glasgow annual dinner and the Scottish Green Energy Awards for letting us feature their events.

If you have an event coming up that you feel the Blossom would work well for, contact our team today. We have a dedicated team that are ready to make your plans a reality. Click to contact Table Art.

Have an event coming up? Contact our team today and we will put together a free no obligation quotation. Email us at

Blossoming events | blossom centrepieces by table art

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