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Best of British: Event decor fit for a royal celebration


Best of British: Event decor fit for a royal celebration

With the Coronation just around the corner, we know many people around the world and in the UK will be looking to celebrate what it means to be British.

To help you create your own perfect Best of British themed event, read on to discover decorating and styling ideas to help create a terrific atmosphere.


Centrepieces, Lighting, And Colours

To match the colours of the Union Jack flag, the colours red, white, and blue work together very well for lighting and general decorations.

A custom centrepiece is a cost-effective way to control the colours at your venue and to help tie your theme together. With lit LED tablecentres from Table Art, you can really set the mood with British themed decorations for each table. Using our standard lighting system, you can choose which colours to set your tablecentres. For greater creative control, you can upgrade to our DMX lighting system – allowing you to change colours and effects throughout the evening.

At Table Art, we’ve created some fantastic phone box and Big Ben centrepieces which work perfectly, as part of our ‘Mini British’ collection.


Popular Props

If you are looking for complimentary props for your event, then look no further. Our Underground Lit arcs are unmistakably London-centric and instantly set the theme as an entrance feature. Continue the Union Jack theme with our custom print Poseur tables, and offer a themed backdrop and photo opportunity with our LED lit panels of the London Skyline. We also offer bespoke options, for those wanting truly unique options for their event.


Rule Britannia

A Best of British theme is always a good option when you want to bring guests together and create an easily recognisable theme. It pairs up well with many catering, entertainment, and venue options while tying in well with the underlying message of your day.

Try to really capture what it is you think makes the UK so special and use it to make an unforgettable event.

Want to hire our Best of British tablecentres and props for your next event? Contact the team today for a no-obligation quote.


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