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Travels with Table Art: InterContinental Berlin

Travels with Table Art: InterContinental Berlin

In the ultra-hip German Capital, Table Art took over the InterContinental Berlin with our Pixel Tubes…

With travel restrictions still in place thanks to Lockdown, the Table Art look back at an international event. Drinking in the nostalgia, we take you back to January 17th, 2019 when we had the pleasure of working for Shore Events.

Firstly, our experiences in Lockdown has put things into sharp relief. ‘You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone’ has never felt more apt, particularly when it comes to travel. That said, we are having to find novel ways to indulge in our wayfaring spirit. This blog is a prime example of that, looking to our past adventures and sharing the finer details with you.

Onto the details, travel with us on this Berlin Adventure…

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The Venue

InterContinental Berlin

In the west of the City you will find the InterContinental Berlin. Importantly, mirroring the spirit of the German Capital, the hotel is a contemporary haven. An unmistakable Chessboard façade. As a result it is a beacon in the cityscape that draws in events, conferences, and conventions. Accommodation here is unparalleled with over 555 rooms and suites. Ideal for conferences looking to host their event at the SPA InterContinental. It has an astounding 45 combinable event rooms that offer over 6,000 m² of event space.

Certainly, Berlin is a draw for the international conference market.  A central European location makes it an ideal choice for event planners looking to host delicates from the EU. Our most common European request come from Berlin and Paris, no wonder with these cities offering state of the art facilities for the conference Market. Berlin is at the leading edge, a city busting at the seams with Culture and diversity.

berlin event

Having worked in Berlin many times over the decade, the team always rush to get on the crew listings for a German event. On this occasion, MD Gary Martin and Technician Andy were chosen. Gary often leads international events; his love of travel means he is well versed in the world of airports and train stations. You can rely upon Gary to get to an event no matter what stumbling blocks are presented. With the clients having chosen the DMX lighting system, it was a no-brainer in choosing our leading light technician Andy to support the event.

table art germany


When we are booked for an event in Europe, we have two distinct approaches. The first and primary option is to ship the product out with an external courier. Getting the products direct to site and following up with our own crew that fly in. That was the chosen step for this Berlin Event.

This was our first visit to the venue, always an exciting prospect! With veterans Gary and Andy working the event, they flew out the morning of the event. Reaching the venue before midday, they went straight to the event space to assess set up. This is a vital step on an event. Firstly, to meet the client and run over the details. Secondly to assess access, choosing a space to set up in and the best way to get the cases to the chosen space.

intercontinental berlin venue

All of that handled, the team need to locate the pallet. The pallet had been delivered days before to the loading bay, as arranged with the client and venue. A quick word with reception and directed to the loading bay. The team are well versed in unpacking a pallet and made quick progress. Making sure they kept the pallet base and strapping safely stored for the return journey- they began rolling the cases into the event space.  

Set up is a breeze with Pixel Tubes…

A brand-new base adaption, they simply screw into the DMX battery base. With all the flight cases assembled in the room, an assembly line is quickly put together. Gary pulling out the battery bases and Andy following and screwing in the tubes. Then it is a run out to the tables, making sure each unit is placed centrally. Onto the testing phase, Andy took a laptop over to the lighting desk and made space for himself alongside the AV Team. Then with the help of Gary, they make sure every unit is on the correct table number. This is vital when a client wants to highlight winners’ tables when they are announced. Once happy that everything was in the correct position, batteries are switched off until the evening. Thus ensuring the battery is preserved for the awards.

berlin events

Once the guys have signed off with the client, they head off for an explore before the event begins! In this instance, Gary and Andy headed to the Cities most famous landmarks. As you can see from these images, the team relish an opportunity to explore while waiting for an event to start. It is one of the biggest draws for the team when an international booking comes in. It is an opportunity to explore the globe!

berlin pixel tubes

The Event

Ran by Shore Events, this event was typical of their usual bookings. Run like a well-oiled machine, the event was a seamless awards show. From board meetings to global conferences, you can guarantee a five-star delivery from Shore Events. They understand the importance of sharing ideas, delivering key messages, and building relationships. This understanding makes them world leaders in event management.

Shore Events

For this reason, Table Art loves a Shore Events booking. Having absolute confidence that the event will be well run. This event in Berlin was a prime example. From the moment the guys arrived, the communication was on point and every detail was covered. All of this fed into the way the DMX lighting system was run. With the brief clearly laid out for Andy, he was able to follow their instructions to the letter. Delivering exactly what the client had hoped. In this case, that included Winner Table highlights in the brand colours. As winners were announced, a table illuminated and flashed in the brand colours. Building up the anticipation for the big announcement, this Winner Table highlight is a valuable DMX function that always proves popular.

intercontinental berlin

With the event a huge success, it was now onto the lightning quick derig! Once the delegates cleared the room, Andy and Gary brought back in the flight cases and began taking apart the tubes. Returning the cases to the loading bay, they packed everything back onto the pallet for collection. Then following a well-earned sleep, they caught the next flight out the following morning.  

table art berlin

The Wrap Up

With Government restrictions slowly lifting and with eased travel into France, we can only hope that Europe is quick to recover through the Summer. Our team are ready and waiting to bring Table Art back to the international Market!

If you would like more information about this product, please contact our team today.


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