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Balloon Decor with a Modern Twist

Lit Balloon Decor with a Modern Twist

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Are you ready to plan the next big event that guests will remember for decades with balloon decor?

Here is all that you need to make sure the event is a success and doesn’t fail to impress your guests. Unique balloon decor will stand out in the midst of all the other decorations and cast a creative light on the venue. There’s so much you can do with the right decorations, and that’s the reason they should be a part of your next event. The latest organic designs have the potential to make an area look fantastic and modern. Balloons are mostly reserved for birthday parties, but the trend is finally changing for the better.

Modern balloon decor at corporate events is something that most people have not yet seen. That’s why you should opt for them to bring a surprise element to the theme of the event. Positioned and displayed in unique ways, balloons can bring elegance to your event. The display of balloons, paired with the LED lights, can completely transform any event space.


With the flexibility of balloons and the availability of colours, we can provide matching colours for any corporate event. When light is added in a darkened venue, the mix of slightly transparent and translucent latex balloons comes to life. Other décor can be added to these growing sculptures such as leaves, twinkling fairy lights, and streamers to add more charm to the look.

Colours play an important role in making your balloon decor stand out. They can represent the theme of your event. This is a great way to use organic balloons, and with the right colour combination, your event will definitely be on the road to success. You can opt for red, white and green for Christmas; orange, black and grey for Halloween; pure white and clear for a cloudy effect, and blue, aqua and clear for an underwater theme. These are just some of the options, and it’s time to get creative. Just come up with some great themes, and you can leave the rest of the work to us!

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Entrance features play an important role. Just a few details and props at the entrance can make guests feel really special. To greet your guests with a heart-warming welcome, all you need is an entrance arch entirely of balloons! Bring out the inner kid in you (and your guests) and get ready to begin the festivities of the day. The colour choices are numerous, so you can get creative and opt for the colours that match your theme. These entrance arches can even be in your company colours for marketing promotions. Using our specialty in LED lights, we can light them up in colours to match and create the best ambiance for your event.

Organic balloon beanstalks appearing to grow from the floor up to the venue ceiling are also a great option. Depending on the theme of your party, there’s much potential for balloon decor, and the sky’s the limit here. We can work with large 1m balloons with glitter tails to bring some sparkle to your event and help you take the festivities a notch higher.

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Main Room

Now that the entrance is all set, it’s time to move onto the main room and bring the same magic. Table Art provides stage setting to create a space that oozes fun. With organic balloon panels, you can make your venue more inviting, and the organic balloon beanstalks do the same.  We also offer an organic balloon DJ booth with an inflatable wall backdrop wall so your guests can enjoy the musical setting. Now that’s taking festivities to the next level.

We make sure that all the decorations come together to pay homage to the theme of your event. You have the choice to select the colours of the balloons, the lights, and any additional decorations. By the time we’re done decorating the main room, it’ll be the epitome of elegance and class.

Table Centres

With breathtaking balloon table centres, you stand to add more to the mystic look of the event. You can opt for 1.2m tall organic balloon lit displays for an over the top look. They can be in any colour to suit the event and lit the way you like. For added flexibility, the feature of remote control can be added to create the right amount of drama. We also offer rotator plinths with organic balloon table centres for a classy look.

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Our best pieces of balloon decor in this category are the Exploding Confetti Balloons. They can help you blow away your guests with the mesmerizing effect of these decorations. The 80cm diameter balloon is filled with the confetti of your choice for a dramatic look. If you have an important announcement to make during the event, this feature is the perfect creative solution you need. At the right moment and at the touch of a button, the balloons will explode showering guests with confetti. This will surely create a moment that’ll be the highlight of your event.    

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