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Art Deco Concept Drawings

Art Deco Concept: Evolution of Creation

A look into the Art Deco Concept Drawings of MD Gary.

The third in a blog series focussing on the sketch book of Table Art’s MD Gary Martin. We explore these vintage gems designed with an Art Deco Soiree in mind. Covering the original drawings of our Tiffany Range and moving onto our most recent ideas. We have cherry picked the best illustrations from the achieves for you to enjoy.


Following the success of our sketch book blog series, we could not resist putting this third instalment together. In stark contrast to our competitors, we design our centrepieces in house. We feel that this core of creativity is what drives the business to lead the field.  So, let us begin and explore what we have to offer in the world of Art Deco Party theming:

art deco ritz lamp
Sketch: The original sketch of the Manhattan Lamp. As you can see from the initial sketch, the geometric shapes were brought into the final design, same for the colour palette.

What is Art Deco?

To start, we thought it best to paint a clear picture of what Art Deco is and why it proves to be so popular as an event theme.

Art Deco, a style set by the architecture of the 1920s and 30s. The opulent colours, bold geometry and decadent filigree is what characterised the style. The motifs first made popular by architecture found itself bleeding into every creative form. From fashion to interior design, Art Deco brought a strong sense of glamour and luxury. In contrast to the depression of the 1930s that raged, the Art Deco Movement acted as a beacon of hope that people in.

Flappers & Speakeasies…

Often when asked what Art Deco is, people think of flappers and speakeasies. It is these elements that have featured so heavily on Art Deco themed parties. But the theme can be so much more! Here at Table Art we set ourselves apart by approaching a theme in a unique way. That is certainly the case when it comes to an Art Deco Theme. Although we pay homage to well-worn motifs, i.e Flappers and gangsters- we want to create a deeper, more immersive experience for guests. To do this, we need to study the history of the period. Pick out the details which are so often overlooked. As a result, this attention to detail enriches the overall look.

art deco prop
Sketch: Designed earlier this year, this concept has been put together for a Christmas installation  The result is a decadent set of gold palm trees combined with an organic balloon display. 

Art Deco | Why So Popular?

The sales team receive a new event brief hourly and do you know what the most common theme is? Yes, the Art Deco, and its appeal is understandable. It has the curious skill of having never gone out of fashion. That timeless quality is what draws event planners and clients to it. It comes without the worries of gimmicks or dated pictures. An Art Deco theme is as fresh today as it was a decade ago. That is owed in part to the commitment of our creative studio to innovate. To seek out new approaches and to keep the theme at the forefront of event trends.  

Ideas flowing…

Another key element that keeps the theme popular is the colours. With popular colourways being Black, Gold and White, it lends itself beautifully to awards shows. The gold tones instantly bringing to mind the awards season. The strength of the colourways does not stop there. The colour palette is both clean and glamorous, working well with many brand aesthetics. Here at Table Art, our own range of Art Deco Panelling is predominantly made up of gold and white linework on a black background. These panels have so often been the prop of choice and have gone on to set the colour tones for the whole event.

Finally, the love of the history and period cannot be underestimated. As a culture, we have films, music and plays that have all been heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement. This constant regeneration of the period keeps it ever present in our minds. When a guest receives an Art Deco invitation, expectations will immediately be set!

art deco parties
Sketch: The initial sketch for the base of an organic balloon display. Aiming to replicate the old Cabaret band fronts of old, it utilizes the colours and shapes of the period. 

New Designs

Onto the sketches in hand…

Opening Gary’s folder of sketches is always a thrill for the studio. As a result, we get a sense of what is to come and for the sales team, it is an invaluable tool. The team can see where Gary’s designs are leading him and work on proposals to suit the theme. Over the past year, we have noticed his growing interest in the Art Deco style. Drawing inspiration from his love of history, the sketches illustrate a real passion for design and originality.

Art Deco Statuettes

Initially sparked when he focussed his efforts on a Cabaret range of  Event Table Centres. Influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement, keen to bring that decadent aesthetic to the centre of the table. First looking at the Art Deco Statuettes, he focussed on the Bronze styling. Fluid in silhouette, these feminine sculptures are so emblematic of the period. They ignite images of the Rolls Royce Emblem, the Spirit of Speed, launched during the Art Deco period. With opal glass orbs held aloft, they cast a warm glow over the table that is so fitting for a twenties themed party. When the design first conceptualised, the AmFaR Committee wanted to be the first to use them at their prestigious gala. In the aftermath of their Cannes Gala, these event table centres went onto be our most popular choice for an Art Deco Party.

art deco centrepiece

Cabaret Lamp

Building on that popularity, Gary refocussed on the Cabaret Range and looked specifically at lampshades. As you can see from his sketches, his original drawings are almost exact as to what the final design turned out to be. To create the shade, we commissioned a local textile factory. They made these opulent red shades and set them on a frame that is true to the twenties period. We then reworked cast iron stands and made them wireless. They now work effortlessly with our DMX system, allowing you to dim/ brighten the white light by command.

art deco tiffany lamp

Tiffany Lamp

With the famous glass Tiffany Shades proving to be dominant for that time, Gary wanted to design a range of event table centres to match. They key to this? Offering a contemporary twist on a traditional design. Thus making them suitable for the modern day event industry. The solution, to work with craftsman that could replicate the glass patterns of old, but construct them in such a way to make them durable. Now we aren’t saying you can throw the shade across a room without consequence. What we are saying is that with a strengthened led, they are easily stackable. This allows us to transport multiple units in custom flight cases.

art deco drawings

Art Deco String Display

Our Art Deco range of styling is unparalleled in the industry. However it doesn’t mean we get lazy and rely upon the existing stock to bring in orders. We strive to build on our concepts always. This Winter saw Gary reassess the Art Deco range and see how it could be improved. His first thought? A new approach to an entrance feature.

The Mirror Ball String Display has proven popular at Art Deco Parties. The crisp white curtain and mirror spheres work well with the colours of the period and have a speakeasy quality to them. Gary keen to build on this and develop the prop further. Also knowing that the Organic Balloon trend is showing no signs of slowing down, he wanted to combine the two. Taking the Mirror Ball String Display as the skeleton, the sketch illustrates a cascade of balloons working down the display. The balloons working well as an alternative to the Mirror Balls, it is a more elegant approach to the theme. The beauty of this is that the balloons can be customised, altering the colours to suit the events palette.

These displays went onto be created for a showcase at the Tobacco Dock London. With every faith that Lockdown will end, we hope to have these beauties on display at Tobacco Dock over Christmas!

art deco party

Printed Poseurs

This drawing originally conceptualised for an ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ theme. However, the beauty of period pieces is that often it lends itself well to other themes. With these printed poseur tables and Cabaret Lamps featured on a Victorian Style event, it isn’t hard to imagine them at a Cabaret bar. With decorative hangovers from the Victorian period, you can expect theatres and clubs of the twenties to have such lamps.

This concept works brilliantly for a drink’s reception. Gathering a collection of poseur tables around the bar and dressing them with the lamps instantly sets the theme. Guests can grab a Martini and mingle around the tables. All helping build anticipation to the big reveal when they can at last enter the main room!

art deco cabaret lamp
Sketch: The Victorian styling drawn here also works well in an Art Deco setting. 

To Conclude

Even through this turbulent period, Table Art endeavours to innovate and create. We are using this time to develop both new themes and build on existing ones. Once lockdown is lifted, you can expect to see the Table Art studio explode with new products! We hope that this selection of Art Deco drawings illustrates that. Showing our clients that we bring a design to life from the ground up! Every design worked and reworked to be make sure it is absolutely perfect for the industry.

Subsequently, are you looking at hosting your own Art Deco party? Get in touch with our team today and we will put together a free no obligation quotation. You will find no better range of Event Table Centres and Styling elements.


art deco drawing

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