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Another New Year for New Ideas

Another New Year

It’s another new year and we have some great event decor ideas to kick start the year.

We survive another Christmas and then the big question is how to re invigorate your team. You will need some fresh and exiting new ideas when designing this year’s events.

It can be easy to overlook this essential part of the year. You are so focussed on Christmas that before you know it you are into the next season without any plans. The first part of the year is often the time that companies are looking to give new direction and boost motivation with an awards ceremony or motivational dinner.

So What Can You Do?

You may want to enhance the winter mood with an icy style theme. Dressing the table can create a huge impact in the room. Frosted Candelabras, Ice Swirls or Blazes all fit the theme. Or our Ice Melt with a ball of real ice. It gently melts away over icicles with the ice water captured within the base of the glass vase. This looks stunning, giving a beautiful ever changing light effect at the centre of every table over dinner.


Lighting can transform your venue with some simple white props. Blue and white lights can create your Winter. Just by using a combination of white hanging strings, inflatable white walkthroughs and white occasional furniture it is amazing what you can achieve. Add rotating mirror balls and a blizzard of swirling snowflakes can fill the room.


Winter theme doesn’t necessarily mean Winter Wonderland. This wintry look can be adapted and used in so many ways. Why not add the feel and magical atmosphere of a five star ski holiday. Or create a frozen landscape from Iceland with fire and geezers. New technology can generally help you achieve whatever your imagination come up with.



If by January you have had enough of the cold and ice, why not go into another new year with Spring in mind. New growth may be more suitable for your new year’s company message.

How about building the event around the shape of a flower head? Real flowers are becoming more controversial with all the environmental implications that go with them. A more abstract and innovative way of creating a similar effect could be the answer.

wedding centrepieces

When using artificial flowers with suitable lighting deflected from the white petals a whole new range of looks can be obtained. This can help event designers to bring a little bit of spring to any event but in a new and more interesting way. Take the Flower Fountain with it’s beautiful contemporary shaped flower heads gently suspended in air. Or the Flower Air with flowers positioned on a twisted wire display within a glass vase. Just add water for another take on this classic look. Or a simple fish bowl with steel grass and flower heads.

Star Globe awards lit table centrepiece

The company message and logo can look spectacular when positioned on a lit base. With ever improving technology it is even possible now to slowly rotate the table centre at the touch of a button on a lighting control desk adding yet another interesting dimension to the middle of every table.

It’s another new year so make sure your event is full of new ideas.

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.


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