Blog / A Night of Fame: An ABBA Party to Make Your Mum Proud

A Night of Fame: An ABBA Party to Make Your Mum Proud

A Night of Fame: An ABBA Party to Make Your Mum Proud

Everyone loves an ABBA Party.

Searching for a theme for your night of fame party?

Want to live the magic of the ’70s and make your mum proud?

Do you wish to include elements of the swinging seventies into your party?

Well, this is your chance!

Disco ball for a '70s themed party
seventies themed event

People love to step back into the past and relive the glorious eras. With a swinging ABBA party that can do just that for your guests, you can make the right impression. There’s so much for you to explore and a ‘70s themed party is certainly your cup of tea.

Want to take it a notch higher? Do you want to make your party the most memorable event of the year?

If you are hosting a party for people who have enjoyed the golden era of the ‘70s, we have the perfect idea. You can opt for an ABBA party that will make your mum proud. The theme will also be a great surprise for all the guests who missed out the opportunity. So whether who have a young audience or older guests, the theme is a hit with everyone!

Want to include the iconic features of the ‘70s in your party? Can’t seem to decide what decorations and props you really want to help depict the theme?Table Art will help you create a party that’ll be remembered for years to come. With the help of furniture, props and LED table centrepieces, your ABBA party will be a hit!  

So let’s get started and see what Table Art has in store for your ‘70s themed party.

disco boot table centre
disco boot table centre

Enthralling Entranceway

Since the party is centred on ABBA, you’ll need something dramatic to make the right impression. To enthral your guests from the start, you’ll need the help of our Light Tunnel. Lending an effortlessly chic look to your event, the entranceway sets the tone for a thrilling night ahead. The white stretch tunnel amplifies lighting effects. Catch your guests’ eyes from the moment they enter the venue! The tunnel is also available in black so that you can switch the colour scheme up a bit as per your liking.

Want to add oomph to the whole theme? Now you can! Just add a red carpet to give your guests the royalty treatment. Let them know they’re in for a night of great fun. A red rope and list posts add to the theme. They are programmable with DMX and work in harmony to create a sophisticated look.

red carpet for 70's events
red carpet entrance hire

Light Panels

You’ll want to add colours and bright lights to the venue to stay true to the theme. With Table Art, adding this factor isn’t a problem at all. We offer a wide range of light panels that can help you create the right ambiance. Our Logo Arc is a popular prop in this category.

Your ABBA themed partywill surely be a hit once you include these curved panels to the venue. There are several themes available for you to choose from. If you want something different, just share your ideas with us. Select the ABBA logo or their picture, and we’ll design it for your event. Give your guests the party feeling and transform the venue with this simple touch!

ABBA event prop hire
ABBA led panels

Musical Centrepiece

Include the Jukebox LED table centrepiece to the venue and add charm to the theme. The prop is a proper replica of the jukeboxes of the time and can be lit with your choice of colours. The melody maker adds meaning to the theme and is dainty enough to make your guests fall in love with it.

The mirror ball is also a popular selection for a ‘70s themed party. It brings a sense of nostalgia and will have your guest dancing at their seats. If you want to bring disco to the tables for your guests, this LED table centrepiece is the best choice. They are available in two sizes. You can opt for a low setting for a subtle yet nostalgic insurgence. However, if you want to take things over the top, go for the tall mirror ball.

Jukebox table art
Jukebox table centre

All About That Treble

For a more sophisticated look to your event, you need the help of our Treble Clef. Adorn the tables at your venue with this prop and do justice to your ABBA themed party. Cut into an elegant shape, the centrepiece is a sight to see. We have combined a DMX lighting system with a musical performance to create a huge impact. We can sync the lights to the music and even create blackouts. If you want to add a dramatic factor to your party, this should be the prop of choice for you.

musical centrepieces
treble clef centrepiece

Mirror Ball String Curtain Drop

The night is all about dancing and partying! So make sure the theme reflects the festivities that the night has to offer. With the help of our Mirror ball String Curtain Drop it’s easy to set the right mood for the party. The sparkling addition to the venue adds to the theme and puts everyone in the mood to party. This is the prop that can definitely make your ABBA themed party a great hit!              

Is throwing a ‘70s themed partyyour goal this season?

Searching for the right props and furniture options for your next big event?

Wondering what décor can help you throw the best ABBA themed party?

Look no further than here! The UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art have the most stunning event décor to light up your events. You’ll be the host with the most, and your parties will be remembered for decades to come!

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