Blog / Acrylic Table Centres – Eco-Friendly LED Centrepieces From Table Art

Acrylic Table Centres – Eco-Friendly LED Centrepieces From Table Art

Acrylic Table Centres – Eco-Friendly LED Centrepieces From Table Art

Our acrylic table centres aren’t just visually impressive, they’re environmentally friendly too.

At Table Art, we pride ourselves on making the most of the materials we have to hand. All of our acrylic table centres are environmentally friendly as they are re-used at different events. To do this safely, the LED centrepieces are thoroughly cleaned after every show. They’re then tested and prepared for the next one. 

Not only that, but during the design process we ensure they can be flat packed. This makes for efficient transportation, meaning less flight cases are required and minimising our carbon footprint.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at our best acrylic table centres. If you see something you like, contact our team for an obligation-free quote.

acrylic table centres
red micro swirl

The Blaze

Hand-crafted by our design team, each of these acrylic table centres is made to impress. A stunning, intricate twist of acrylic with bubble effects looks beautiful when paired with our LED boxes.

It’s been a popular choice for event organisers for many years now. They are used for any event from award ceremonies to weddings and everything in between. The generic nature means it works well with the majority of event themes and most importantly, your guests always love them.

acrylic table centres
blaze royal armouries

Logo Sphere

Bookings for branded centrepieces are soaring. There’s an ever growing demand from businesses for a personal touch on every table. Our Logo Sphere for example is the perfect choice.

A relatively simple concept pushed to the max by Table Art. Since its conception in 2019, it’s been one of our most ordered acrylic table centres. Avoid disappointment, make a booking today.

acrylic table centres
logo sphere table art


The classic at corporate events, with a Table Art twist. Everyone’s seen metal Candelabras at shows and parties. They’re popular for their looks, but clunky and awkward to derig and store. Not to mention the fire hazard that real candles come with!

Being experienced with acrylic table centres, we were able to change that. Using hyper-realistic flickering candles and acrylic materials, our Candelabra was born. The godfather of the Table Art range.

acrylic table centres
candelabra icc birmingham

Treble Clef

Where words fail, music speaks. If you’re planning a jazz-themed show, look no further than these beautiful treble clef centrepieces. The Treble Clef is a client favourite and has featured at corporate events all over the country.

Take your show to the next level with DMX lighting technology. Using DMX, you can make each centrepiece flash, dim or change colour. We can even create bespoke pattern programming for your event. This can be synced up to your music to really get your guests in the mood to party!

acrylic table centres
treble clef camden


One of our most efficient acrylic table centres in terms of transportation. Due to their thin make-up, the Summits are so easy to store and therefore move around.

Yet they’re still a stunning addition to any corporate event! You can even add branding to them for a personal touch on every dining table. Just send us your logo, we’ll do the rest.

acrylic table centres
summit led centrepieces

Thanks for reading this blog. Above all, we hope you’ve found some acrylic table centres you really like. If not, don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from. Click here to view our full range.

Meanwhile, read our Trustpilot reviews for an insight on the service we provide. First class every single time.

Get in touch with our team for an obligation-free quote ahead of your next event. Hurry, our acrylic table centres are flying off the shelves. Avoid disappointment and book today!

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