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Modern & Romantic Wedding Décor | 50% Off at Table Art

Modern & Romantic Wedding Decor | 50% off at Table Art 

Get a last-minute deal to make your wedding truly spectacular!

Table Art are running a 50% discount across our full range. Exclusively available for Weddings from now until September 30th 2021. We launched this back at the end of last month but its too good to miss so here we are highlighting it again!

Couples have spent the last 18 months in perpetual limbo, and they desperately need some reprieve. With final restrictions looking to be lifted this month, there are definite changes afoot! Here at Table Art we want to do our best to help and so with couples scrambling with last minute arrangements, we want to be a one-stop shop for their decorating needs. We have everything you need to get your wedding lit! From LED Table centres to hand crafted props. Put your trust in us to decorate your wedding and you will not be disappointed.

What Table Art can do for your Wedding…

Brides and Grooms are doing away with the cookie cutter weddings of old. They want to create a unique ceremony and reception that is a true reflection of themselves. Weddings are one of the purest ways of self-expression as everything is on your terms. No matter what the budget, there are fabulous ways to make a statement. With this in mind, Table Art have an unrivalled range of centrepieces, furniture and props to dress your wedding. No theme too random, no venue too small – we will have something to suit.

We have had the great privilege of working with some truly creative couples in the past and so we are well versed in the way of making a dream a reality. In this blog we want to talk about innovative ways to make your wedding stand out and share with you some key products that will make a statement guaranteed.

Keep Guests Happy

There is nothing better to guarantee a good atmosphere than when guests are well looked after. Food and drink are high on the lists of priorities, as well as entertainment but what of decoration? I know what you’re thinking, guests don’t care about décor… oh but they do! Firstly, guest are at the mercy of table plan and it can often lead to awkward social situations. Now if you place a spectacular LED Centrepiece at the heart of the table you are doing away with the stagnant interactions and giving guests a real conversation starter. When the dance floor is opened up and guests are invited to take to the floor, they will be wowed by a table centre that has started to ‘dance’ along with the music with its changing lights.

The centrepiece is just the beginning. Your guests are in their glad rags and they want to come away with some insta-worthy photos. When you have taken the time to decorate the venue, you are giving them perfect backdrops for their photos… as well as your own obviously.  A living wall filled with stunning artificial blooms will be a draw to those looking to get a wedding selfie. Or perhaps you have a themed wedding in mind and props are more your style. Choosing a key prop will be the signature that you can have running throughout your video and photography. Perhaps our inflatable Earth Globe would be a suitable choice for the travel themed wedding?

Getting Creative

Many venues offer a blank canvas in which you can colour with your style. Our team have had the great pleasure of visiting a great many venues across the UK. Cash in on that knowledge and ask our team what has gone before. As we take pictures at every event, we are bound to have photos of your venue dressed. Seeing these images will give you a good sense of how the venue will look and what you want to achieve. We also have our MD Gary Martin who can happily sketch up new ideas and concepts for a more unique approach.

Take Away the Stress

As we have said before, a bride and groom want their wedding to reflect them. It is a celebration of who they are as a couple and so its only natural that they want their décor to mirror that. However, we know that many couples are already stressed out enough with the constant delays and changing rules.  Its for that reason that many couples feel that they just don’t have the time to organise the décor and want to just get through with a bear bones approach. Married at whatever the cost. We appreciate that may feel appealing right now but in years to come, are you going to regret not having put more of your personality into the wedding?

That is why here at Table Art we are offering this 50% discount on weddings from now until September 30th 2021. Our team are ready and waiting to take your enquiry and transform your wedding into a first-class soiree. Our team are experts in transforming venues and so with a simple call, we will take all the stress out of dressing your wedding. We even offer full-service packages where our team will do the installation for you. You can do away with the scramble to decorate on the morning of the wedding and leave it to us.

Book Now

This past 18 months have put so many Weddings on hold that it is expected that the next few months will be a mad dash to get weddings booked in. No matter how last minute; we can work to accommodate so get in touch now for a quote. With such a huge discount, this 50% off is an opportunity that is too good to miss! Contact the team now. 

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