Unique Event – Expert Tips: Dare to be Different

Expert Tips to Create a Truly Unique Event:

The greatest thing that any event planner can do for their client is to introduce them to a brand, new idea, to show them something that they have never seen before and create a unique event.

In the past, it would be something like the very first moving head lighting or a special effect like a radio controlled lit table centre. With tech always moving forward, new effects and ideas are always going to be possible.

unique event starball centrepiece

For a while, it seems nothing really changes and then someone will take an idea and develop it into a game changer. The first steam engine was used for years as a mining water pump before it was used to power a train. I remember 40 years ago a friend of mine told me that LEDs would be the future of lighting but when I looked at the tiny red light that you could hardly see in daylight, I didn’t really believe him. It seems, at the moment, with such steps forward in radio, LEDs and lithium battery tech, that lots of different opportunities are going to come about.  It used to be much harder to market any idea that you may have had, so would mean that many ideas would go no further than the drawing board stage, but the world has changed so much for everyone with internet marketing and social media etc, it’s now possible to try an idea without spending too much time and money on it to test the market.

unique event lit candelabra

If the idea is brand new and never been done before it’s a difficult balance between convincing everyone that it will catch on and giving up when you realise that you may be ahead of you time or just thinking in the wrong way and you have gone completely mad but it is important to make a unique event. So many times I have woken up in the night with an amazing, world changing idea only to realise to my dismay in the morning after a google search that someone else is already doing it or something better.

unique event pyro centrepiece

The thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction in this industry is taking a few products that already exist and are currently being produced and then putting them together to make something completely brand new and unique. I love to take vacuum formed, plastic shapes and by adding screens, lighting and sound effects, make something really outstanding like our giant faces with moving eyes that can be used in so many different themes and always  have people getting their phones out for photos. I think, in the near future, we are going to see some spectacular new ideas within the event industry – flexible LED screens, drones, projection mapping will all be key in creating new breath-taking effects for clients. We will certainly be putting time on one side to make sure that we are playing our own part in future developments.

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