Applications Of Artificial Intelligence: Industry Leaders On The Hidden Role Of AI At Events

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Applications Of Artificial Intelligence: Industry Leaders On The Hidden Role Of AI At Events

Artificial intelligence can have several meanings depending on its application but whether it’s seeing what machine learning can do for design or using digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa at events – AI is going to have an increasingly valuable role, even if we’re not all aware of it.

Currently, the biggest use for AI with events is curating entertainment and designs for specific audiences. AI-led software used by websites such as Eventbrite can discover what users have enjoyed previously in order to lead them toward future events they will get equally as enthusiastic about.

Much of this software is already more sophisticated than the average user is aware of and it can gather key pieces of information such as when users are likely to attend events, what trending subjects they respond to, and even what events their friends are likely to attend.

As AI develops further, it will be able to determine what type of food people enjoy, where footfall is likely to lead people, and even guest’s colour preferences. All of it full of potential for the event industry.

To help us navigate this strange new world of AI, we’ve asked leaders in the event industry for their take on the use of artificial intelligence and what the industry will look like in years to come.

Liz Caruso, Liz King Events | Twitter: @lizkingevents

Planners should be paying close attention to artificial intelligence - this is not just a fancy object - this is serious stuff that will change our industry.Click To Tweet

From analysing large amounts of data to personalising the experience for our attendees, artificial intelligence will make our jobs easier and will allow us to run more efficient and effective events.”

Monica Wolyniec, Boomset | Twitter: @boomset

Technology is an important part of the event world. However, the key is learning how to use it efficiently and effectively for your event according to your overall objectives.Click To Tweet

Finding the right tech will take you/your event/your team/your attendees to the next level, but only if you use it for what it’s meant for, i.e. not just to have something shiny, new, and trendy!

And not to sound contradictory to the above, but it’s also nice to make the most of the face-to-face time you have at events. Use the right tech to automate your processes and be able to really be in the moment during the little time you’ve spent so much time planning for.”

Santosh Panda, Explara | Twitter: @explara

“For ages, event planners have been focussing on efficient tools, and data were in different application/tools i.e. event registration data can be stored in one application/tool, event feedback data in another tool/application, and event marketing data in few different tools.

With recent advancement in big data, machine learning, and AI convergence, the event industry will finally face an important opportunity to bring data to one platform and make the predictive analysis.Click To Tweet

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence: The Rise Of AI In Future Events

As might be expected, the main concern with AI is event organisers and designers discovering how to use it effectively and to its full potential.

While it’s likely that the most immediate uses of AI will be in data gathering and analysis to improve design so that guests can have a more personal experience, as the face of AI becomes more user friendly we’ll see even more uses.

Chatbots can be used to field questions without the need of a manned support line and virtual assistants can be placed at events to direct guests where to go and to enhance their experience. What could be better than an assistant at the dining table that can recommend and order cocktails for you?

When combined with smart technology, AI will even be able to read a room and automatically control for temperature, ambience, and lighting as the event unfolds.

Thanks to all of our experts for their insights into the use of AI. The time is coming when even the smallest organisation will be able to make use of AI and we need to be ready for it.

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